EUSN 2016, Workshops, June 14

Workshop fees: 35 euros (3 hours), 70 euros (2 x 3 hours). Details available on this page. Registration to EUSN conference is mandatory to participate to workshop. Full information on the dedicated website

1. Raffaele Vacca, Introduction to ego-network analysis with R (2×3 hours: 9h-12h and 13h-16h)

2. Michał Bojanowski, Using R and igraph for Social Network Analysis (2×3 hours: 9h-12h and 13h-16h)

3. Paola Tubaro, Yasaman Sarabi, Introduction to NetLogo and agent-based models of networks (2×3 hours: 13h-16h and 16h30-19h30)

4. Klaus Hamberger, Pascal Cristofoli, Anne Garcia-Fernandez, Cyril Grange, Olivier Kyburz, Kinship Network Analysis with Puck (2×3 hours: 13h-16h and 16h30-19h)

5. Ulrik Brandes, The Positional Approach to Network Analysis (3 hours: 16h30-19h30)

6. Lorien Jasny, Michal Bojanowski, Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM) using Statnet (3 hours: 13h-16h)

7. Lorien Jasny, Michal Bojanowski, Temporal Exponential Random Graph Model (TERGM) (3 hours: 16h30-19h30)

8. Jennifer Hauck, Thomas Watkin, Using Net-Map for co-producing SNA knowledge and co-designing networks (3 hours: 16h30-19h30)

9. Till Krenz, Andreas Herz, Simplifying ego-centered network analysis in R with egonetR (2×3 hours: 9h-12h and 13h-16h)

10. Vladimir Batagelj, Network visualization based on JSON and D3.js (3 hours: 16h30-19h30)

11. Moses Boudourides, Mining (together with a bit of web scraping) of large social networks from Twitter using Python (and Ruby) (3 hours: 9h-12h)

12. Moses Boudourides, Extracting Social Networks from Literary Text (3 hours: 16h30-19h30)

13. Tom Snijders, Christian Steglich, The Analysis of Longitudinal Social Network Data using RSiena (3 hours: 9h-12h)

14. Tom Snijders, Christian Steglich, Advanced RSiena users’ workshop (3 hours: 13h-16h)

15. Elisa Bellotti, Betina Hollstein, Mixed Methods Research in Social Networks (2×3 hours: 9h-12h and 13h-16h)

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